Society of Australian Genealogists

When they send me an email I always want to click it open right away. In what seems to be a continuing series on what emails excite me, I can honestly say these are my kind of people.

Today I missed a webinar as I wasn’t available when it was on, so they sent it to me. Packaged up, ready to go and waiting for me in my inbox when I got home. Now I get to watch it.

So this blog post is a shout out to the fine organisation that is, in short known as SAG. If you are ever serious about tracing your family but are on a tight budget, then it’s the best money you will spend for value.

A fabulous library, access to all the major family history programs, records on CD, journals and a magnificent education program. I also must mention they also have oodles of donated material on well, you guessed it, family history. I live in hope to find a photo there of one of my ancestors, but I will take anything really.

Visit their site here.  I urge you to just click.

SAG website 2