I’m a stalker. Strictly for genealogical purposes though…

I don’t know if this partially a confession or merely a research method but I have a tendency to stalk people with my surname and on occasion other names in my family tree.

There is something I guess to the fact you write your surname so many times over in your life it’s a bit like a magnet. It becomes so easily recognised to brain.

At the moment I am cooking up a plan to meet some more Dietrichs. More planning and plotting to bring together people who share some DNA.

Author: missdietrich

Amateur genealogist, family historian and lover of old photos. If I have posted something I shouldn't have, please let me know. If it's my spelling then just be nice about it. I would like to acknowledge all the wonderful people that I know and have met along the way. I have really loved getting to know family by knowing family. May you receive my eternal thanks if you visit often and write nice things on my posts. My stats here really could use a boost... This blog contains lots of information about dead people and a fair majority my relatives. If we are related to someone I have posted about please send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

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