Franz, thanks for coming

To start this blog I thought no better place than with the first of my surname to arrive in Australia. Thanks for a great decision. Your ancestors are plentiful and run many generations deep. You made it and you did well.

Franz Carl (Karl) DIETRICH and Dorothea Elisabetha DIETRICH (nee POTHS) were assisted immigrants from German arriving on the ship ‘San Francisco’ in 1853.


This is from a book at the SAG library. If I was a better genealogist I would cite my source right here. BUT it is the first blog post and this ain’t a thesis.

What the above shows is what I have always known to be my first ancestor to bring my surname to this almighty brilliant country called ‘Straya’.

Whatever the reason that brought you here Franz, thanks for coming.


  • Postscript – the above information was taken from Index of assisted German immigrants to NSW 1849 – 1856 by Jenny Paterson, July 2006. SAG library ref A3/20/100



Author: missdietrich

Amateur genealogist, family historian and lover of old photos. If I have posted something I shouldn't have, please let me know. If it's my spelling then just be nice about it. I would like to acknowledge all the wonderful people that I know and have met along the way. I have really loved getting to know family by knowing family. May you receive my eternal thanks if you visit often and write nice things on my posts. My stats here really could use a boost... This blog contains lots of information about dead people and a fair majority my relatives. If we are related to someone I have posted about please send me a message. I would love to hear from you.

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